Gluten free week returns to Lidl

One to keep on eye on next week! Due to popular demand, Lidl are bringing back their Kelkin© gluten free promotion to stores nationwide from Monday, 11th August while stocks last.

From cereals and bread to, snacks and sweet treats, the range will provide  see a variety of gluten free options like gluten free Pure Oat Muesli (€3.49), Buckwheat Flakes with Apple and Coconut (€2.79) and Organic Pure Oat Porridge (€3.49).


The range also includes gluten free Sourdough Bread (€1.99) and Multi-Seed Sourdough Bread (€1.99) – ideal for creating lunch-time sandwiches.

If you’re feeling peckish between meals or fancy a sweet treat, choose from rice cakes, like Triple Berry Yogurt Rice Cakes (€1.49) and Dark Chocolate and Mint Rice Cakes (€1.49) or Multigrain Corn Cakes (€1.69)?


Made from wholegrain brown rice and corn, with added grains like quinoa and flaxseeds, there are only 25 calories per corn cake.

For those who love pasta, Lidl will also be stocking gluten free Penne (€2.49), Spaghetti (€2.49) and Lasagne (€2.49), as well as sauces in a variety of flavours, like Tomato and Basil (€1.99) and Tomato and Red Pepper (€1.99).

Those with a sweet tooth can tuck into treats like gluten free Tea Cakes (€2.99), Chocolate Chip Cookies (€2.99), Milk Chocolate Finger (€2.49) and gluten free Jaffa Cakes (€1.99).


6 Comments Add yours

  1. kerry says:

    Is this in the UK to

    1. Úna says:

      I don’t think so as the UK and Ireland would have a different promotional team. But you could ask them on Twitter at @lidlUK – it looks like they’re active there 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    While I’m happy to hear about this..why just a week?!? Is it possible to always stick gluten free products like aldi now do? Unfortunately my daughter is Coeliac for life.. Not just a week 😦

    1. Úna says:

      Absolutely agree – supermarkets definitely should be stocking things year round and promoting them too

  3. ken says:

    Gluten free foods are not a lifestyle choice for one week only . Why not have these products every week on the shelves? These offers are nothing special considering the cost of normal foods so until prices come down i will be making my own treats foods.

  4. mary muir says:

    Is this gluten free range available in Spanish stores? Would make a huge difference to life on th Costa Blanca.

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